Car insurance for one day is a relatively recent newcomer but in a very short time it has proved to be immensely popular amongst those of us who are feeling the pinch (ie all of us except the bankers and politicians) and no wonder; it's fast, convenient, economic and very flexible. Fast? You can have a policy quoted, accepted, paid for and delivered by email within just a few minutes. Convenient? It's available 24/7 any day of the week and all you need to have in order to apply is an Internet connection. Economic? OK it's not as cheap per day as a yearly policy so forget the idea of just having a long succession of short term policies instead of one yearly one but when those occasions crop up when you need to borrow a car, or lend one to someone else, it can prove an inexpensive answer in contrast to any other options you may think of - and it's certainly waaaaaay cheaper than being prosecuted for driving without insurance (and have you seen the tools the police have available to use against uninsured drivers? Impressive!). And flexible? Any period between a single day right up to four weeks can be covered, it doesn't matter whether you own the car or not, provided that it's roadworthy, not too expensive (a new Roller or Ferrari would be unlikely to be accepted but your family car would almost certainly fit the bill) and provided that you had held a licence for a reasonable length of time with a reasonable driving record you should qualify for cover quite easily.

The application form is short and simple so you should be able to get a quote within a minute or so, and then provided that everything was in order you could have a policy bought and paid for, and delivered to your email address within a couple of minutes more. All from the comfort of your own home, a car dealer's or an auction house. Perfect for test driving or buying a new vehicle, borrowing one from a friend for a holiday, covering a relative to drive your own during an illness, giving your kids use of a car during breaks from university, etc etc......

What are you waiting for? To get a quote for one day car insurance just click the link below.

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